Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Installing Brother HL-L2300D in Mint Linux 18.3


--------------------------------------- ... _as&os=128

Go there and download the first 3 files. The LPR, Cups, and installer (they just have those letters and words as part of the name)

Put them in the download folder.

Right click the installer file and extract it here and set it to run as executable using right click.

Make sure to be online for this

Then right click on the download window and open a terminal

type sudo bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.0-1 HL-L2300D  << This is the key that makes this work >>

then type your password and select yes by typing "y" and pressing enter

If you are using the USB cable the type "n" and press enter when it asks you for the URI. Otherwise select Y and type in the URI number. I have no idea what a URI number is.

Then it will ask you to test print.

Select yes.

For some bent reason it will say "cannot access no such file or directory" along with jibberish. Which makes no sense to me. But it will print the linux mint test page.

Then you can print as normal.

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